They are 100% NATURAL, that means that you get what you see – unlike most dog treats you will find on the supermarket shelves, these roasted knuckle bones are totally free from artificial preservatives and colourants!

We recommend to all our customers that knuckle bones should be fed to puppies older than 6 months old and are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes. 

They are GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE, They have been SLOWLY OVEN ROASTED, to lock in the great flavours and aromas of a natural beef bone, the knuckle bones still contain marrow and bits of meat on the bone for extra enjoyment for your dog.



**SAFETY – We recommend to always feed a treat or bone that is slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. All natural bones have a chance of splintering, and we don’t like to state that they WON’T splinter, however we do advise that if your dog has particularly strong jaws or is a fast eater, please do keep a close eye, as there is a chance that they can splinter. All bone products can splinter and can cause gastric upset, blockages and are a choking hazard. So if any smaller bits of bone are present, please remove them for the safety of your dog.

Roast Knuckle Bones Bulk Box 20

  • Crude Protein: 39.6%

    Crude Fibre: 1.3%

    Crude Oil & Fat: 9.2%

    Crude Ash: 51.6%

    Bulk Case – 20 Bones / Case